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June 17, 2022

Berlin Housing Market Crisis: What Is It? How Can I find an apartment for rent?

Berlin has been experiencing an unprecedented housing shortage since 2014. The city’s population has increased by over 1 million people since 2010, while only around 50,000 apartments were built last year. This means that many residents are forced to live in cramped quarters, often sharing rooms with multiple roommates.

Why is it so hard to find an apartment in Berlin?

There are several reasons why finding an apartment in Berlin is difficult. First, there is a lack of available space. Second, rents are high. Third, landlords tend to prefer tenants who pay rent promptly. Fourth, some landlords will not accept tenants without references. Finally, many renters are unable to afford the cost of living in Berlin.
All these reasons make finding a new apartment or furnished room in Berlin from abroad a very difficult task.

How can I help myself?

If you are planning to move to Berlin we recommend you get a temporary solution that will last you at least a few weeks. Renting a hostel or hotel room for a month or two on is (most of the time) much cheaper than doing it on Airbnb or Booking. This will allow you to have a base while you do house viewings and meet with landlords. Have in mind that finding the right home might take you months, so you don’t want to be staying in expensive hotel rooms if you care about your budget.

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