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Ahmed Khogali

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English, Arabic, Swedish

A little bit about my story and why I will be living in Amsterdam for a short while 😃….. I am 26 years old from Sudan and I have recently graduated from a Masters at Chalmers University of Technology located in Göteborg, Sweden (one of the top European universities) with a degree in Chemical Engineering. I am now having a little bit of a gap year during which I aim to learn skills that will help me in my future career. One of these skills is my recent developed passion for coding and software development. As such I singed up for one of the highest ranking coding bootcamp schools in Europe (Le Wagon) located in Amsterdam starting from April for a period of 2-3 months. More about myself… my hobbies include Chess, Basketball, Reading books, weightlifting and Tennis. I am a tidy non-smoking person who has lived in Europe for the past few years gaining valuable experiences and interacting with many locals and internationals. I am a mix of calmness and enthusiasm capable of operating individually and interacting with people. I love meeting new people all the time and enjoy exploring different cultures and would be willing to share a room in an apartment space for a few months with interesting people if needed 😁.

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