Room facilities

Rooms are available in almost all  HOTELS and HOSTELS. Feel free to call us at +312119460  to get more information.

With full kitchen equipment in some cities for city dwellers, for example for solo travellers, for couples, families and friends as well as for smaller groups

In every a&o with toys, a painting board, colouring pencils and children’s books. In some a&o’s, the small children’s playgrounds even have slides or playhouses. Your children can have a good time while you enjoy a cup of coffee in the lobby or in the breakfast room.

We carry out weekly room checks, which consist of:
i) refilling hygiene products and emptying bins
ii) no daily cleaning with chemicals in respect to our natural resources
iii) basic cleaning after check out. We are always striving to help the environment, that’s why fresh towels can be purchased at the reception for a small fee.

Unless expressed in the property description, all our accommodations are smoke-free.

Are strictly forbidden in all rooms.

All single, double and family rooms come with bed linen and towels. Only guests in multi-bed rooms need bed linen and towels, if they didn’t bring their own. You get bed linen for €3.50 and a towel for €1.50 either at the reception or as an online feature when booking your stay.
In family rooms, (grand)parents sleep in a double bed (bed linen included) and their (grand)kids in one or two bunk beds. Families put fresh linen on their children’s bunk beds themselves.

Of course, we offer dorm rooms just for women. You can simply book them online, we will place you automatically in a women’s only room by default.