City tax (Kulturtaxe)

In some  cities a so-called city tax, tourist tax or ‘culture tax’ (accommodation tax) is charged on visitors.

In Germany, this tax will not be paid if the guest is not staying in the hostel as a tourist. You may complete a form at your arrival declaring that you are not staying as a tourist.

The tax is either based on the net sum paid by each person per night, or is simply a sum added to your overnight stay. For your comfort, the tax is never included in your accommodation because it might be possible that you are excluded from it.

The following cities charge a city tax:
Amsterdam, Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dortmund, Dresden, Frankfurt, Graz, Hamburg, Prague, Salzburg, Venice, Vienna, Weimar

Attention – special cases:

All guests pay 7% on the net overnight price, plus an additional 3EUR per night for persons over 16 years of age. Read more about the “Toeristenbelasting” regulation

All guests older than 18 years pay a tourist tax of € 2,00 per day (including 7% value added tax) to the city of Bremen. Exempted are freelancers and employees who are staying for business purposes. The exemption forms can be found below.

Guests staying longer than 7 nights in a row are also tax-free from the 8th day on.

Overnight guests in Budapest pay a tourism development tax in the amount of 4% at the net overnight price since 2020.

All guests pay 1.50 € local tax per day. Groups of students up to the age of 15 and people staying for more than two weeks due to a business purpose are freed. Please indicate the reason that applies in a respective form.

In Venice tourists pay the “tassa soggiorno”, a residence tax for tourists who stay overnight, depending on the high or low season and the type and location of the accommodation.

a&o Venice Mestre is a “Foresterie per Turisti” accommodation on the mainland. This means, that in the main season (1 February – 31 December) you pay only 1.40 € per person and night (all 16 years and older). In the low season (month of January) it is 1 € per person and night.

Children up to 10 years of age are excluded. For 11 to 15 year olds there is a 50% discount. So, young people pay 0.70 € per person and night (except in January: only 0.50 €). From the 6th night onwards the tax is omitted.

People with disabilities or impairments are tax-free. Important for group travel: Per 25 travellers one bus driver or teacher will not be charged with the tax.
There are some more exceptions that allow you to refuse the tax payment. Please read if one of the following things is applicable and fill out this form, if so.

• Exemptions (without or with proof *)

– inhabitants of the city of Venice (including suburbs like Mestre etc.)
– Children up to 9 years of age
– guests who stay in Venice for rehabilitation *
– Accompanying persons of people who are patient in one of the hospitals of Venice (up to 1 companion per patient) *
– Accompanying parents of hospital patients *
– bus driver and travel guide (from travel agency) from a tour group of at least 25 persons – all bus drivers and 1 travel guide per 25 Pax.
– Volunteers in the social service during events (organized by the city / province) or emergency situation
– Venetian Policemen / firemen or armed forces in service
– People with disabilities “citytax,