where work meets vacation

Hotel + Coworking + Activities

We've learned that we don't need an office, let's take advantage of it

Come and live your work in a new way!


Sunny beaches, exciting cities. Let's transform your daily routine into the working vacation of your dreams.


Mingle with like-minded people, collaborate and get inspired.


Improve your Spanish, learn a new instrument, or simply join for after-office drinks.


Leave your comfort zone without breaking the bank. We have packages for every budget

Our locations

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Work from somewhere amazing

If you are working remotely, why not do it from the sunny beaches of Andalusia or enjoying a perfect view of Lake Garda? We have partnered with some of the coolest hostels and hotels to offer you experiences that will boost your productivity and well-being.

Expand your horizons

If just chilling at the After Office is not enough for you. What about learning a new language, learning how to dance flamenco, or play a new instrument? We offer you a curated selection of intensive courses and seminars.

Our courses

Learn Spanish
Speak like a local, communicate with people and improve your personal skills. Learn Spanish with our certified language partners. Nos vemos en clase amigo!
Guitar lessons
Learn how to master a guitar with our teachers, private and group classes. No more excuses it's time to give it a go!
Learn how to dance: Flamenco
How cool is to go abroad for a couple of weeks and coming back knowing how to dance one of the most typical Spanish styles.

It's time for new experiences