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June 17, 2022

5 Reasons Why Buenos Aires Is The Perfect Place To Live And Work As A Digital Nomad

Buenos Aires is a great city to live and work from while traveling around South America. The city offers many opportunities for digital nomads, including cheap rent, easy access to public transportation, and a vibrant tech community. Keep reading to find out why it might be the perfect place for digital nomads.

It’s almost in the same time zone that USA & Canada.

If you’re looking to work remotely it might be the perfect option for you. There are plenty of opportunities out there for freelance writers, graphic designers, web developers, and more who wish to work from Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires Time zone is only one hour ahead of e.g, New York or Washington, this means that you won’t have to work during the late night or get up super early to attend the Monday morning meeting with your team.

It’s Cheap!

You will have a very hard time trying to find any better places to live than Buenos Aires. In fact, it’s one of the cheapest cities in South America. This means you can save money by living here without having to sacrifice quality of life.
Just to give you an idea, a 3-course meal for two in a nice restaurant including a bottle of malbec should cost around $40-$50 in total, a flat white at a trendy specialty coffee shop $1,70, and a subway ticket $0,15.  

You Have Plenty Of Places To Eat.

In addition to being a beautiful city, Buenos Aires offers a wide variety of food options. From traditional Argentine dishes to international cuisine, there are plenty of places to eat.

There are plenty of restaurants in Buenos Aires where you can eat well for less than $10 per person. If you’re looking for cheap eats, head to Mercado de las Pulgas (pulgaria market) or La Boca. These markets are full of stalls selling delicious street food.

Tip: Try out Artemisia in Palermo Hollywood for a gourmet vegetarian meal.

You Can Find Cheap Accommodation.

If you’re looking for affordable accommodation in Buenos Aires, plenty of options are available. Urban Roomie and Airbnb are among the most popular ways to find cheap accommodations in Argentina. There are also many hostels located throughout the city. Hostels offer dorm rooms with shared bathrooms at very low prices.

You Can Meet People Who Share Similar Interests.

If you’re looking to meet people who share similar interests, then Buenos Aires is the perfect place to do so. There are lots of events happening throughout the year where you can connect with other digital nomads. I advise joining BA DIGITAL NOMADS meetups to  connect with other English speaking nomads.

It’s easy to make new friends while traveling since the Argentinean culture is friendly and open toward ex-pats. Don’t be surprised if shortly after meeting you they invite you to join their group for another round, or invite you to have dinner at their place with family and friends.

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