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No fixed fees, no invoice exchange & low commission rates


The 2020 was the toughest year for the Travel Industry. Where everybody saw no tourism and empty hotels, we saw a business opportunity. What if we could help Hotels and Hostels to stay in business while helping people to find their next home? Urban roomie, started from being a brainchild of three (quite) broke roommates, living in the (very) expensive city of Amsterdam, to a company that is motivated to provide high value, affordable accommodation to everyone.

We match empty rooms with the right mid-long-stayers, this means less workload and a more stable income for your business.


Roomie Finder

We give you the chance to select your guests, we send you a short video introducing themselves

Easy and cost free

Low commission rates and thanks to our easy to use payment structure, there is no invoice exchange

Easier forecasting

Stabilize your monthly income even during the low season. Have an extra source of bookings by diversifying your portfolio

Price Tag
We respect your brand

We do not show your hotel's name if you want so, in this way your brand positioning is protected




of your bookings

This is our eco-program.
We prompt our partners to become more sustainable. By hiring our sustainable advisory system for €200 a month you will get:

  • Eco-friendly badge
  • Appear first in results
  • Access to our sustainable advisory system
  • Lower commission (12%)
  • Guest selection service
  • Channel Manager integration

Note: the service cost is €200 for each property. If you are a chain, we can discuss a more convenient deal.



of your bookings

This is our standard program.
We want to help our partners by getting your rooms booked as soon as possible.
The Urban membership will get you:

  • Guest selection service
  • Assigned salesforce
  • Channel Manager integration
  • Monthly sales report
  • Guest selection service
  • Marketing advisory
  • Market and consumer insights
  • And more…

Some of our partners

A word from our beloved partners

"a&o Hostels is a proud partner of Urban Roomie. With 40 houses in 24 european cities, we support Urban Roomie in selling deposit-free and long-stay proof rooms across Europe".

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