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Urban Roomie FlexStay: Using idle hotel rooms to help people find temporary housing


Urban Roomie helps people to Stay & Connect with the city at a great price. This arrangement is great for the traveler looking to enmesh themselves in a new culture, the local looking for temporary housing in a tight housing market, or exchange students exploring the world for a semester or two. 

We want to help hotels & hostels to get more stability and increase profit.  Yearly occupancy for the hotel industry  only reaches 70% capacity . What happens to that idle 30%? It is being wasted. Worldwide 18.000.000 hotel beds are empty every night. In a world that is going through a housing crisis, we believe that this wasteful practice can’t continue. 

Besides the traditional longstay, we are also developing the win-win concept of “FlexStays” which seeks to be the future of mid-term accommodation in cities across the world.

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What our partners say about us

"a&o Hostels is a proud partner of Urban Roomie. With 40 houses in 24 european cities, we support Urban Roomie in selling deposit-free and long-stay proof rooms across Europe".