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Explore the World's Best Locations with Our Short and Extended Stay Deals

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Best deals in Short and Extended stays
Best deals in Short and Extended stays
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Great deals in apartments and rooms
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Best deals in Short and Extended stays

Why stay with Urban Roomie?

Flexible stays. With us, you find affordable rooms & apartments, the easy way! , it doesn’t matter if you are abroad or just arrived in the city. Stay with us from one month to a year,  make new friends & enjoy.

Fully furnished.  Moving to a new city is great, moving your old furniture around is not! Our affordable and hassle-free rooms and apartments have everything you may need to get you started.

No surprises. Affordable rent all bills included

Rentals for every style

Take it from some fellow roomies

Franco Pasamonte
from Argentina
I recommend Urban Roomie 100%, the prices are fair, the accommodation was amazing, it delivered everything promised. Thank you for your service!
Veronika Halasova
from Amsterdam
Super cheap and comfortable rooms. On top of it the agency has been super helpful along the whole process - definitely handy when you are new to Amsterdam!
Juan Corigliano
from Argentina
Excellent costumer service and the rooms I booked with my wife were exactly as shown. Urban Roomie is the best option if you want to find something fast and for a good price.

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